7 years ago today, we became an official, 501(c)3 organization. After launching our first partnership in Zimbabwe, we have expanded our reach to Uganda, Haiti, Peru, South Africa, Ethiopia, and most recently, to the Dominican Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We work with the most incredible leaders in these countries—men and women who teach us, inspire us, encourage us, and serve their communities with passion and grace. 
Everything that has been accomplished these last seven years … the classrooms, schools, and preschools that have been built, the homes that are filled with rescued children, the hundreds of children being sponsored, the thousands of children receiving a quality education … it’s all because of the generosity of the Help One Now tribe—of people like you. You’ve used Simple ways to Do Good, from Garage Sale for Orphans to sponsorship to supporting our Legacy Projects every year.

Every day that children are loved, cared for, fed, clothed, and educated, every day that a family is empowered to stay together, and every day a community has better opportunities to thrive— every one of those days is a miracle. Thanks to you, there have now been over 2500 such days. We’re honored that you support Help One Now’s work to empower these incredible leaders to serve the children in their care and help change their communities.

Thank you for 7 good years, and for the many years to come. 

Maubane, South Africa - Community