Hurricane Relief Update

In October of 2016, Hurricane Matthew ravaged the Caribbean. The southwest peninsula of Haiti took the brunt of the storm as the eye slowly passed the already impoverished area. Over a thousand people lost their lives, and tens of thousands more their homes. The region’s greatest asset was that of agriculture, but Matthew destroyed almost every crop[…]

Meet Rosena Joseph

Meet Rosena Joseph. She is truly an inspirational figure. After losing her parents as a young child, she grew up in a girl’s home (as a matter of fact, it was Jean-Alix Paul’s Spirit of Truth Girls Home in Ferrier). Being at this home allowed her to attend school, something that many girls her age[…]

Hurricane Matthew Relief

As many of you know, Hurricane Matthew is beginning to hit Haiti. This storm, the strongest to hit the Caribbean in over a decade, will undoubtedly leave its mark on this country. The hurricane winds will primarily pass over the southern peninsula, but heavy rainfall will affect the entire country, likely causing widespread flooding and[…]

Milostene Joseph

In the two years that Help One Now’s Ferrier Village has been open, it has had a huge impact on the children that call it home. These kids were once on the edge of life — abandoned or at a high risk for being trafficked. Now, they receive a quality education, nutritious meals, friendship from their peers, and love from[…]


Welcome to our second annual Love Hope trip, #LoveHopeHaiti!    This week, we are excited to welcome Gin Boyer, Jennifer LaRoche, Renee Dozier, and Korie, Rebecca, and Sadie Robertson to travel with Help One Now founder/CEO Chris Marlow and Payton Junkin, Help One Now’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, to see the incredible work our local leaders are doing[…]

Our 25 Cent Story

I remember my first glimpse of Drouin back in 2010. Actually, it wasn’t Drouin itself (which is barely even a place to begin with), but the river that ran alongside the impossibly bumpy road. The river was the color of weak chocolate milk. There was no way it could be water, I thought. And yet[…]

This Father’s Day, Help #KeepFamiliesTogether

This Father’s Day, join us to support the fathers of Drouin, Haiti and #KeepFamiliesTogether. Drouin is located in the Artibonite Valley, home to 90% of Haiti’s rice farms. The Valley has struggled mightily over the past decade as subsidized rice has been imported into the country, driving down the value of Haitian rice. Families in[…]

Celebrating Mothers: Rosena Joseph

In leading up to Mother’s Day, Help One Now wants to celebrate a few of the incredible women from our communities. They work tirelessly to care for orphaned and vulnerable children, doing everything from providing meals to helping them get an education. They are mothers in the best sense of the word.  Today, let’s spend[…]

Pastor Training Seminars With Tony Merida

Haiti Aspire Academy Last Fall I had the privilege of teaching a group of pastors (and aspiring pastors) in the great country of Haiti. Pastors Nate Akin and Clint Darst accompanied me, as we taught the first of six seminars. This particular seminar focused on pastoral leadership. What a joy it was to walk the students through[…]

Oasis Village

I hope your 2015 off to a great start! 2014 was Help One Now’s most successful year yet, and 2015 is promising to be even better. This means the leaders with whom we partner will continue to be empowered and resourced more than ever to impact the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, and their communities[…]