Meet Munyaradzi Nhemachena! 

Munyaradzi is a diligent, 18-year-old student in Form 4 at Cherutombo High School in Zimbabwe! When his parents tragically passed away, he could not afford the cost of school. However, through our education programs, Munyaradzi was able to go to school, provided with all the resources he needs to pursue his education! 

Munyaradzi has always excelled academically and has loved helping the other children at Musha Wevana with their school work. He struggled to progress for some time in his mathematics studies, but he didn’t let that stop him. Last year he began putting extra time and effort into learning the subject, even doing double the homework to get more practice. He was very excited to tell us that he recently passed his mathematics class for the term with an A grade!

When asked about his improvements, Munyaradzi said, “I am very grateful because Musha Wevana has given me new opportunities through their care and access to education. I have seen the difference it has made in my life and I am now very excited about my future!”

Munyaradzi is already making strides towards his goal of becoming a medical doctor one day. He is studying hard, taking his schoolwork seriously, and set on achieving his goals!

Munyaradzi Nhemachena studying in Zimbabwe