Grace Mubvuma is an incredible woman and business owner! She is a single mother an one of the first members of the newly-founded Zimbabwe Family Business Program. With the skills she learned in the program, Grace launched her chicken business and has already made enough profit to grow her business and buy another round of chickens!

We recently met with Grace, and she expressed how grateful and honored she felt to be a part of the program. Grace said, “My life has changed. The basic training I received through the Family Business Program helps me to be confident and to be a good business owner here at the marketplace. I feel with the help of God through the Family Business Program, the sky’s the limit! I really am grateful and am praising God for such an opportunity. I am not rich, but I am well, and I am happy, and I am proud that I am fending for myself.”

Grace has big dreams and plans to continue growing her business. Grace had the opportunity to take the steps she needed to radically change her life for the better. Her story is just one of the many that will now be made possible because of your generosity!