As the climate in Zimbabwe continues to remain unstable, we want to keep you up to date on how things are going and how it is affecting our beloved leaders there.

As you may remember from our previous posts about Zimbabwe, the last year has been challenging for our Help One Now local leaders as they continue to care for the children of Musha We Vana in an unstable political and economic climate. Following a transfer of leadership that was made official in August of last year, the Zimbabwean economy has continued to decline.

Many activist groups have risen up, protesting against issues of food scarcity and rising fuel prices. The situation has continued to escalate over time, reaching a pinnacle this week, that resulted in a strong military response to control the protests. Reports of violence in the capital city, interruptions in power, internet, food and fuel supply have been real issues that our leaders and their staff have been confronted with this week. At times they have been unable to communicate with us, then finally get through simply to say they are all safe, and to continue to pray for peace.

As members of the Help One Now family, we invite you in to the struggle for progress – the ups, the downs and the beauty in between. To understand the daily struggle that our leaders continuously face and stand with them as they embody hope and lead with the resolve that together, we are moving toward a world that is better for every person in it. We want you to share in the big picture, while walking through the every day moments that collectively sum up this very hard, but meaningful work.