At Help One Now, our greatest hope for the world is that all would live flourishing lives of belonging and family. At Ferrier Village, our work is doing just that! Most of the children here have come from hard and often tragic experiences, but their smiles and resilience don’t show it. That is because of the beauty and restoration that is taking place at Ferrier Village – through the leaders and house moms that are dedicating every minute of every day to ensure the children are loved and given the utmost care as they heal and grow.

Many of the children came to the village with their siblings, and others had even been separated and reunified here once rescued. It is such a gift to watch the children grow up together, as a part of family once again. Whether it be with their biological siblings, or the siblings they have come to know and love in their homes, each of the children now have that place of family and belonging!

We recently took portraits of all of the siblings together, to print out and give back to them to carry and cherish forever. We wanted to share them with you, the sponsors of Ferrier Village, so you could see the brightness of their smiles and the joy they carry! It is because of you and your commitment to the village that this space of belonging and family is sustained. Your support allows it to thrive, as the leaders and house moms pour themselves into the lives of these amazing kiddos!

Mickenson & Mickendie

Miloura & Dieudevie

Widia & Kervensley

Jodeline & Katiana

Medjison & Medjina

Leodessen, Elmessi & Kenson

Samantha & Manel

Widelene, Givala & Yolfika

Herwood & Redelinx

Anderlove & Sabiola