Resilience Inspired by Hope

Resilience Inspired by Hope

In the wake of adversity, Help One Now and our partner communities have shown the world what it means to RISE. Together, we’ve struggled for progress and weathered the storm of the pandemic. Those we serve have shown resilience through unimaginable circumstances; resilience inspired by hope for a brighter future. As we rise out of this season of survival, we are driving progress forward to build that brighter future, one empowered family and one student at a time. And we need your help to make that a reality. We’ve endured with resilience together. Now, we must build with hope.

How We Are Building With Hope

Join us in building a future of hope. Every dollar counts and helps us reach our goal of empowering 500 families through business and 100 classrooms through education. 

Every $1,000 empowers an entire family forever, which includes training and assessment, in-kind support, and ongoing mentorship until each family is fully self-sufficient. 

Every $10,000 empowers an entire classroom, which includes school fees, nutritious meals, uniforms, books, and supplies for 30 students and a quality salary for one teacher.

RISE with us as we build a brighter future for these students and families.

Every $1,000

Empowers 1 family to launch their own business

Every $10,000

Covers one classroom for an entire school year

We need to empower 500 families through business and 100 classrooms through education before 2023 ends. Will you join us in building a future of hope by donating to empower families today?

243/500 Families Have Been Empowered Through Business, So Far


76/100 Classrooms Have Been Empowered Through Education, So Far


What Resilience Has Meant For Help One Now

Help One Now kicked off 2020 with a big vision: to empower 100,000 families by 2030. Our programs were growing exponentially around the world and impacting more lives than ever. Once the pandemic hit, our priorities quickly shifted to ensure families could survive the pandemic and its many adverse effects.

Rather than expanding our education programs as planned, we designated resources to ensure our schools could stay open. Instead of adding new families to the Family Business Program, we rallied around our communities to ensure their survival through relief efforts and the meeting of basic needs. Our local partners around the world showed an incredible amount of resilience, as they banded together to not only ensure their communities endured but that they could also build with hope and thrive. With your support, we will continue to forge toward our 100,000 family goal, one family at a time.

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