The end of 2018 is nearing, and we couldn’t help but stop to reflect on all the good we have done together! Because of you:

  • 4,769 children have received access to high-quality education and nutritious meals
  • 91 families started new businesses through the Family Empowerment Program, with 96 more expected to complete training this year
  • 401 jobs were created or sustained
  • 10 children were rescued and are receiving 24/7 care
  • 6 children were reunified with family and 9 were adopted into local, loving families

All of this in the first 10 months of the year!

As the year ends, many are looking to make meaningful contributions that they know will continue to make a difference. We value you and your part in the Help One Now story so much, and we want to invite you to expand that story to Empower Hope for the future!

Watch the video below to hear our founder, Chris Marlow, share an exciting opportunity for you, and then join us in Empowering Hope!