Join Us in Rescue and Restoration

KAIROS VILLAGE is an anti-trafficking initiative in the Amazon Region of Peru. It is a place of refuge, healing and renewal for girls rescued from the grips of trafficking.

Our team works in partnership with local authorities to provide the best care possible as young girls work toward healing and discovering new life.

Since opening in April of 2019, the Kairos Village Team has hosted 9 girls who have been rescued. 7 of them are now in the safety of the Village, while the other 2 were able to be reunited with their families by the Peruvian government. Kairos Village is meeting an essential need in Iquitos — without it, these girls would have no place to heal.

It takes a lot of resources and time to do this well, but each of these girls is worth it all:


Nearly 20 years ago Kairos Ministries began, and now consists of a church, two schools, and the village. Since that time, they have been tirelessly building bridges in their community by providing quality education and care for vulnerable children, and counseling and support for struggling families.

The village was launched out of our local leader’s vision to serve the most vulnerable and abused in the community. It is a place of safety – an environment where young women and girls rescued from the grips of trafficking are guided through the work of recovery and restoration – allowing them to build a vision of hope for their future.


Population:  31.4 million (10.2 million under age of 18)

Area: 496,200 sq mi

Year of Independence:  1821



  • 89.6% adult literacy rate
  • 97% youth literacy rate


  • 75 year life expectancy
  • 76,000 people living with AIDS
  • 85.3% of population using improved drinking water sources in rural areas


Pop. Living In Poverty:  4.9%

Orphan Pop.:  Estimates vary widely from 50,000 to over 500,000



  • Peruvian women and girls, and to a lesser extent boys, are exploited in sex trafficking in Peru’s urban areas and mining centers, often recruited through deceptive employment offers. Child sex tourism is present in areas such as Cuzco, Lima, and the Peruvian Amazon.
  • 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report, Peru

Our Mission

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