Yesterday, we kicked off our celebration of Women’s Empowerment Month with International Women’s Day!

We are beyond grateful for the women we partner with around the world. Thank you to the women who have lead us, have stood by us, and advocated for us. Women are the lifeblood of Help One Now. We love you and we are thankful for you, today and every day.


We loved celebrating women with you, here are some of the highlights in case you missed it!

Gertha's Story

Words From Rosena Joseph

“It is important to never ignore an opportunity to use our voices for a good cause. Our actions can save lives. We should continue to use our voices for great change around the world. My interventions and sharing my voice have had positive influences in the lives of others. [Using my voice] has changed the lives of many children in the community.
I feel very proud of the fact that I work for the benefit of my community because I grew up in this community. After finishing my university studies, I was offered this job and I accepted it with joy.

Disappointments and setbacks will come, but accepting disappointment and learning from the mistakes we make allows us to adjust and redouble our strength and courage to continue to circulate our message. This perseverance can save a generation. The woman is the mother of life. She is the symbol of love and charity. She shapes her offspring from their education.”

-Rosena, Ferrier Village Manager

Join us in keeping families together, and empowering women around the world!