2023 marks 10 years since the opening of Ferrier Village! The Village has acted as not only a haven for vulnerable children, but also a beacon of hope and catalyst for community transformation. As we celebrate 10 years of rescue and progress, we need you to join us in filling the gap and have every child at the Village fully sponsored!

Ferrier Local Leader – Pastor Jean Alix Paul

Jean Alix is the president of Together for Haiti, an organization that has started 10 churches, 4 schools, and 3 children’s homes, including Ferrier Village and Agape Church. He is also a successful businessman and community leader throughout Haiti. Jean Alix, alongside our other local partners, passionately believes that restorative community care is critical because it is essential for us to live to help others live. It is vital to help others help themselves and keep families together. He believes it is important to make sure the families have everything they need to take care of themselves so that even in the middle of difficult situations, the families can stay together and flourish.

10 Years of Transformation in Ferrier

Over a decade ago, the problem of child trafficking across the Haitian-Dominican border was brought to our attention. We researched, asked questions, listened, and learned. The vision of Ferrier Village was born. Funds were raised, houses were built, and those houses became homes to beautiful children and dedicated house moms. Along the way, we turned our gaze upstream, realizing that poverty alleviation, community resilience, and opportunity are effective safeguards against trafficking. Ferrier Village became a catalyst for community transformation, hope, and progress in northeast Haiti. This includes clean water, early childhood development, solar power, secondary school, community agriculture, the Family Business Program, and much more. As they say, it takes a Village.

Just as the community of Ferrier has seen a lot of change these past 10 years, so has the world…for better or worse. The cost of everything has increased significantly.  And the children who came to the Village as 3, 4, and 5-year-olds are now teenagers…we even have a young lady who will begin her senior year of high school this Fall! We’ve managed to keep things moving in the right direction, but we need your help to build a bridge to the next 10 years of Ferrier Village.

As we celebrate 10 years of rescue and progress, we plan to increase our Ferrier child sponsorships from 5 to 7 sponsorships per child in order to sustain the Village into the future. When the Village first opened, it took around $200 a month to care for each child, but with inflation and other factors, it now takes $280 per child. We already had a number of empty sponsorships, and adding 2 more per child means we have 230 sponsorships to fill. Here are a few things we would love for you to consider as we push to fully sponsor all of the children at Ferrier Village:

Invest further into the child you already sponsor and cover some or all of their empty sponsorship slots

Consider sponsoring another child at the Village

Invite your friends and family to join you in investing in rescue and hope in Ferrier

You’ve helped us get this far, which is no small feat; now, we need you to stand in the gap and invest in the next 10 years of Ferrier Village!

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