Personal success is a powerful thing!

Because of donors like you, our local leaders are able to invest in the personal success of hundreds of women and their families. The impact is immense and the ripple effects immeasurable. We are so grateful to all of you, and your commitment to walk alongside our leaders and their communities as we empower families together!

Meet Ashike Zema, a graduate of the Help One Now Family Empowerment Program in Ethiopia. She is a testament to what it looks like when hope grows  as individuals have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and the authentic, uncontainable joy that follows.

Recently, while visiting Ethiopia, we had the opportunity to meet Ashike – to hear about her accomplishments since completing empowerment training and launching her very own mini-shop business. There is only one word that comes to mind as we reflect on this visit – confidence. Confidence as she serves her customers. Confidence as she hugs her daughter and shares about how business is going. Confidence as she proudly shows us her shop and the merchandise that she sells within. Confidence as she says with a smile, “Now, everything is possible for me!” 

Prior to joining the Family Empowerment Program, Ashike described her life as “being alone.” As a widow and single mother, Ashike struggled to provide for her family. Since the launch of her business, she has increased her income from 600Birr ($22) per month to 3,000Birr ($110) per month, and expects that number to continue to rise! She is contributing monthly to savings and has started an additional business selling vegetables. Ashike has future plans to continue expanding her business and build a home of her own where she can live with her daughter.

When I asked her about her hopes for the future, she responded “To continue leading a better life for me, and for my family.”

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