This holiday season, our goal is to empower 100 families through our Family Business Program, empower 100 students with high-quality education, and provide life-saving emergency relief for 500 households in Haiti.

Will you join us in being a Courageous Partner?


Impact So Far

100 Families empowered to launch their business

100 Students empowered through education

500 Households provided with emergency relief

What Does It Mean To Be A Courageous Partner?

So much beautiful progress is happening in our partner communities around the world; kids are receiving a high-quality education, families are launching their own businesses, and communities are actively transforming right before our eyes.

But at the same time, we see our friends in Haiti in crisis. Lack of access to clean water and resources, gang violence, and political turmoil have all made it impossible to focus on long-term community development.

At Help One Now, we always say that we “Struggle for Progress” alongside our partners. And that is why this end-of-year season, we believe that being a courageous partner means staying alongside the people we love through both the struggle and the progress.

Our partners show up courageously every single day to serve their communities, no matter what. And they are counting on us to do the same.

A Gift of $100

Provides life-saving relief of clean water and food support for one household in Haiti.

A Gift of $500

Empowers one student with access to high-quality education, nutritious meals, school supplies, and new opportunities for their future.

A Gift of $1,000

Empowers one family with the opportunity to go through our Family Business Program, designed to help families create sustainable income each year.

A Gift of $2,000

Empowers one family, one student, and five households with emergency relief.

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