Every quarter, we stop to reflect on all the good that has been done in the last few months because of the support of our sponsors! From the lives of children changed to entire communities transformed, the support of you and others like you is making a huge difference all around the world. 

The children aren’t the only ones who benefit from the sponsorship program though, as dozens of jobs are created in each community. These are jobs that help sustain and empower families through more than fair wages and opportunities for growth. 

Here is one woman your sponsorship has empowered: Emanuel

Emanuel is a widow and has 3 children. Before working at Yahve Shamma, her children had to stay at home and sometimes even go out to beg just to have enough for the family to eat that day. She was a part of Pastor Gaétan’s church and an active member of the community, and many knew of her need. Pastor decided to hire her on as a part-time cook for the home, but with the new school lunch program she is now able to work full-time!

Her 3 children were also able to begin school again, and are now receiving high-quality education and a hot meal every single day! She says that she is grateful for the program and how it has empowered her to change the future for her family. 

This is only one of many stories of the lives being changed every day because of your committed support. At Yahve Shamma, 42 children are receiving 24/7 care, over 600 children are going to school and receiving meals, and dozens of adults have jobs and are empowered to build a better future for them and their families…all because of you!

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