Abner is great-grandson of the head of the Bora tribe and studied his Initial level in a small rural school. When he was young, he was very shy and quiet. In the public school, there were no qualified professionals to help Abner overcome his fears and limitations.

Abner’s grandfather saw his potential and applied for a scholarship for his great-grandson at Kairos School. He was granted the scholarship, and began his primary studies at the school! Along with his education, he also had the opportunity to go to therapy with the school’s psychologist.

Abner is now in the 2nd grade of primary school and recently won the science contest in his classroom! He represented the 2nd grade at the Science Fair, with his “magic bubbles” project. It is amazing to see how Abner presented his project not only in front of his classmates, but also in front of teachers and parents who attended the fair!

Access to quality education is one of the biggest keys to success. One who has access to education not only obtains knowledge, but the practical ways to apply that knowledge for their own well being and for others. Abner Haniel is the proof of this.

The resources provided at Kairos School have given Abner and many others the resources they need to thrive and flourish as young students!

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