So we all know about the despair in Haiti. As storytellers and fundraisers its easy to just focus on what is wrong with Haiti.

But the truth is, there is so much right with Haiti.

For instance Tuesday we met an older man who wants to help build a school for the 30 orphans we serve. For four straight weeks he’s used a pick ax to literally remove a mountainside so they can build a school. He did all this work for free. You can see his picture below. (taken by @danieldavis25)

Everywhere you go, Haitian are removing rubble from the earthquake. Little by little, they’re trying to help move this country forward. It’s grueling work, and they do it.

Haitians are also passionate about education. Talk to any 20 year old and they absolutely want to attend college. College to them seems so far off, and for most they’re dream will never be realized.

Haitians care for each other. Yesterday, I met a family who spent the last 8 months building homes for other families in their community, while they slept in tents. This family had three young kids. However, that is about to end. Through Haiti: We Have Not Forgotten, we were able to get this family a home. In 2-3 weeks, they will have a permeant place to live. No more tents!

I can tell story after story of beauty and redemption that is happening right now in Haiti. Im so excited to continue to journey with the Haitian people, and tell more stories of whats right with Haiti.