We have an urgent funding need for HELP! We are looking to do a T-Shirt campaign to raise funds for Real Hope for Haiti. 100% of all T-Shirt proceeds will go directly to the leaders of this organization so they can serve the children of Haiti. Each T-Shirt should profit close to $15. The cost is $7 to purchase the shirts from American Apparel, and $3-4 for shipping. (if shirts are bought on-location profits will go up)

Anyhow, I’ve connected Ryan and Holly with Sharp Seven Design, and they’re doing the design work on-the-house! I’ve also connected with Color Factory, and they are doing the printing for “cost”. My friend Jasen Ashdown is also helping, and Daniel Patrick set-up a store for us last night, and Scott Wade is also doing a project for us right now!

Here are two things we need:

1. Churches and ministries to sell the shirts at their gatherings. If you want to help sell these shirts, please email us at info (@) helpendlocalpoverty (.) com.

2. Funding: We need a short term funder who will loan us some cash, so we can get the shirts ordered, and ready to ship asap. If you would like to help, please email us info (@) helpendlocalpoverty (.) com for more information.

Shirt Sample: http://www.helpendlocalpoverty.bigcartel.com/