We are thankful for YOU!

Thank you for your ongoing support of Help One Now and the Legacy Project. It is truly amazing to see what God can do with a group of people that are willing to dream His dreams.

At the time of this writing, we have raised nearly 35% of our goal. That is truly a miracle! If you are one of our many donors worldwide, we are truly humbled and so very grateful for your gift. Hundreds of Haitian children will be directly impacted by your sacrifice for years to come, and the effect they will have on their country is incalculable.

Please continue to follow the progress at www.purecharity.com/helponenow . Although we are closing in on 50%, we still need all the help you can give. Help spread the word both online as well as offline. Try to recruit your friends, family and loved ones and encourage them to buy a brick or two for Christmas.

And for those of you who give to support our operations, sponsor kids, throw garage sale parties, fight trafficking, take trips and pray. We want to say thank you also. Together our work is making a difference.

If you have any further questions, or to learn more about Help One Now, please visit our website or contact us at info@helponenow.com

The Help One Now Team!