So today is World Water Day. A day that hopes to remind most of us in first world countries that many in the world lack access to the most basic need in Humanity – water!

Think about this:
– close to one BILLION people don’t have access to clean water.
– Over 3 million people die each year to due to issues related to a lack of clean water.
– Every 20 seconds a child dies from water-related issues.

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Imagine the complexity of not having clean water.

When you’re thirsty, you can’t simple drink and be refreshed.
When you need to cook, you can’t put a pan in the sink, turn on the faucet and fill it with water.
When you run out of water, you may have to walk yards or miles to fill up your bucket.
Water is heavy and hard to carry. Usually, when someone fills up a bucket, they end of losing much of the water on the way home.

This is one of the main reasons why poverty exists and why its cyclical. Hours upon hours are wasted in developing countries because of water related issues.


Water also causes kids to not attend school, as many have to walk hours each day to get water for the family. Therefore, kids don’t get a proper education.
Water also causes hunger. If an area does not have access to water, they can’t necessarily water their crops. If an area experiences drought, people go hungry.
Dirty water also causes sickness, which has many ramifications including extra expenses and loss of time on the job or in the classroom.

If we are going to RENEW communities, clean water must be a starting point.

In the last year we have:

1. Purchased a water filter for our thirty kids in Port au Prince.

2. Currently drilling a well in Kenscoff, Haiti, thanks to the kindness of Remedy Church.

3. Drilled a well in Zimbabwe for our 100 kids at Musha Wevana Kids Home. Austin New Church hosted a GS4O party last year and fully funded this well. Our Africa Director, Steven Nicholson, was just in Zimbabwe and wrote an update about the water well and the impact it has on the kids home.

Here’s  a video from Elizabeth, one of the amazing women that helps care for the kids at Musha Wevana:


You can help us build a well in Haiti through our We Have Not Forgotten Initiative.  Maybe you can donate $20, or $200 or $2000. It costs $5000 to build one well in Haiti.  Hundreds will enjoy access to this well each and every day.

We’re also building more wells in Zimbabwe. You can donate to that project by clicking here.