Steven, who is our partner in Africa and works with Servlife, recently spent time in Zimbabwe where he is working with a local pastor.

While Steven was in Zimbabwe he recorded a podcast with three local Zimbabweans, which includes a doctor and a teacher. You can listen to that podcast here. The stories are heart-breaking but also filled with hope.

We  are working with Steven and Pastor John to help end local poverty in Zimbabwe. You can also help:

1. Donate Funds: Click here and you can donate via Paypal or you can send a check. 100% of all donations will be sent to Steven who will purchase food in S. Africa and take it to our contact in Zimbabwe to feed the orphans and greater community.

2. Sponsor a child: Pastor John in Zimbabwe runs two orphanages with a total of 84 kids. 50 of those kids still needs a monthly sponsor. You can sponsor a child by clicking here.

3. Spread the news: Please link this story to your blog, add a banner to your website, join and invite friends on our Facebook page and follow-us and encourage others to follow-us on Twitter.

Once again we want to thank you for your support as we continue to launch this non-profit and serve those in poverty.