Wow! First of all, I want to thank each of you for a great response. Last week we raised $2000 for our kids in Zimbabwe. That’s huge! That being said, we’ve decided to raise the ante, if you will. Why, because we have new information:

Here’s what I now know. It takes $100 to feed 100 kids a meal which includes meat. So, if we raise $5200, each kid would have access to meat at least once-per-week.

We’ve already raised $2000 for the Christmas Campaign. We have over $1000 in our child sponsorship funds, and more people/churches who are raising funds in December. So, we only need $2000 to complete the project.

But wait…it gets better.

With the funds raised it’s going to help launch “The Chicken Project.” So, instead of just buying meat for the kids to eat, we are now going to purchase chickens, so the kids will be able to raise the chickens, get protein from their eggs, and meat from the chickens. Basically, this will help the Musha Wevana Children’s Home to be able to care for themselves. This will help create a sustainable way for this community to be able to love and support themselves once they have the leverage. (chickens)

I think we can do this! We need $2200 raised in the next 22 days. Spread the word, donate, throw a fundraising party…everything counts!