Roughly two months ago, we took a trip to Haiti. Why? We knew we had to do something to help and we wanted to make a difference. We wanted the people of Haiti to know that they are not alone as they try to recover and rebuild their nation.

After spending time with key leaders, hearing their stories of heartbreak, seeing their resolve, and praying, we decided to launch the We Have Not Forgotten Campaign. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $100,000 to help build an orphanage for 30 orphans, to build single family homes for the displaced, and to repair critically damaged water wells throughout the country.

Were also very excited that the first $20,000 will be matched by Soma Austin Community Church.

We’re launching this campaign on the six month anniversary of the earthquake. It’s a simple way of letting the people of Haiti know that We Have Not Forgotten… nor will we forget!

Check out the social media page. We have web banners, iphone backgrounds and also some information on sponsorship for this campaign. We need your help to reach our goal so that we can help our friends in Haiti.