Help End Local Poverty’s mission is this: To create a tribe of activists, who desire to end extreme poverty, by rescuing orphans, restoring their hope and renewing their communities.

We have a 1 page plan-of-action that we created last year, which included our desires in 2010; to create a tribe of 1000 people, who will help us accomplish our mission.

Why 1000? Well, it’s a nice number, but more than that, it’s an important number according to a really smart guy named Seth. It’s a number that will help launch a movement. A movement is beyond one leader, one organization, or one mission statement.

It’s going to take a movement to end poverty!

Our main goal in 2010 is not money, trips, or sponsorships, our main goal in 2010 is find 1000 people, and empower them to love and serve orphans all-across-the-world.

A tribe creates leverage.
A tribe gives us a voice.
A tribe can create beauty by utilizing the gifts of that tribe.
A tribe creates family.
A tribe creates community.
A tribe starts a movement.
Movements…can change the world!

My passion, is to help that tribe, rescue orphans, restore their hope and renew their communities!

It’s not about us, it’s about them-the tribe!

Here is why we need a tribe:

Rescue: Kids live in streets, dumps and fields. They need a place to call home.
Restore: Food, medicine, education, clothing.
Renew: Water-wells, farming, micro-finance, church planting, etc.

Our prayer-A Tribe of:

1000 in 2010.
10,000 in 2015 .
100,000 in 2020.

Phil: 4:13