At Help One Now, our dream for the children we sponsor is that they grow into healthy and thriving adults who are able to sustain themselves and give back to others in their own community. Our local leaders in Zimbabwe have been busy making sure that is exactly what happens!

Our team in Zimbabwe have worked hard together to develop an agricultural training program, called the Gatehouse Farm Training Centre. Here, the young-adult students living at Musha Wevana are able to learn life-changing skills that will help them to thrive as they transition into adulthood.

Students who participate in the Gatehouse training program will graduate with the skills they need to grow food for themselves and their family, as well as knowledge and experience they can transfer to work in the commercial agricultural industry.

The first five students have recently completed their first semester at the Gatehouse! On a recent visit, they enthusiastically told our Help One Now staff about all that they were learning, and they were proud to show off the gardens they had planted and the pigs they had raised!

We at Help One Now are thankful for our local leaders in Zimbabwe, who continually put in the effort to see lives empowered and a community transformed. We are also unbelievably proud of these students, who are working hard to learn and grow. These students will continue the program for 2 more semesters before graduating!

Thank you for partnering with us to see such beautiful growth in the community of Marondera. We can’t wait to keep you updated as more students attend the Gatehouse, and graduate into a life where they can flourish!

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