It is because of you that the work at Yahve Shamma can continue to thrive and grow. Your commitment to the children of Yahve Shamma and Pestel not only provides 24/7 care, but it also creates a space for Pastor Gaétan and his team to dream and grow their impact! One of these areas of impact has been Williamson Adrien Academy, a school located at Yahve Shamma that serves over 500 students from the community.

From the beginning, it has been the dream of Pastor Gaétan and Principal Larrieux to not only have a school that serves those most in need in the community, but also one that carries with it the highest quality education. They have selected teachers with high-level certification and experience in order to ensure that the students are receiving the best education possible.

One way Gaétan and his team continue to develop the success and impact of the school, is through annual teacher trainings.

This summer, a team of educators spent a week with the teachers and staff of Williamson Adrien. They brought their expertise from all levels of education to help further develop the skills and knowledge of the teachers. They have now walked alongside these teachers and staff for 2 years, spending time in their context to best understand their needs.

This year, the team focused on the development of critical-thinking and problem solving skills in the classroom, a subject that is often overlooked in most Haitian schools. The hope is that the teachers can take what they have learned and implement it as they help each of their students overcome obstacles, both in the classroom and in day-to-day life. The teachers and staff at Williamson Adrien have a deep passion for the work they do and the children they serve, and they are very much looking forward to a new school year and the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice!

Thank you so much for your continued support, and for creating space for leaders like Gaétan to dream and resource his team to change the lives of hundreds of students in their community!

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