Our last day in Haiti. Its been a quick, yet long week. It’s hard to sleep well in Haiti. The normal comforts of life simply do no exist here. Hot showers…no, air conditioned homes, no…I could go on and on.

Yesterday, we dropped off Scotty Wade, and met with World Orphans. We visited a tent city. In that city we met with a widow. Her husband was preaching at church when the earthquake hit and was killed. She now has to care for her four kids alone. I spent 20 minutes in her tent (home), the heat is sweltering and they sleep in the dirt. It was horribly sad to be frank.

We spent a few hours moving in and out of the crevicies of Port au Prince. Story after story of heartbreak and ruin. We met this young girl, she was shy, sick and scared. She lost both of her parents in the earthquake. She reminded me why HELP exist, to try to help rescue girls like this, and restore her hope and renew her community!

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