Help One Now launched the South Africa #TenDollarTribe as a test initiative in February, and already, over 150 people have joined the tribe–thank you! One of our first #TDT projects was to build a new home for Obed, the caretaker at the Maubane facility. Obed is a valuable member of the Maubane team; he provides the upkeep for the garden, the buildings, and the property.  He lives on the property to bring an additional measure of security, as well.

1 Old shack with no windows and very hot His original hut, or Wendy House as the locals call it, was a windowless shack on the corner of the property.  But, thanks to the generosity of the #TenDollarTribe members, he now has a brand new Wendy House with three windows, a small porch, as well as a gas stove and a small table.  He even got new bedding! Obed now has a cozy, comfortable place to call his own; it is a well-deserved blessing to him for all the hard work he does for the Maubane community.


The best part? Based on the success of the South Africa #TenDollarTribe, we will be launching #TenDollarTribe initiatives for all 11 of our communities! The newest #TenDollarTribe will kick off in just two weeks, and it will be supporting Colegio Kairos, our partners in Peru! And look for the launch of #TenDollarTribes for all of our communities starting in May. Want to join the Tribe and see what a simple monthly $10 gift can do? Visit us here for more information, or click here to be taken directly to Pure Charity* to sign up! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more #TenDollarTribe updates, and please share about the #TenDollarTribe and encourage your friends and family to join us too!


*The #TenDollarTribe is powered by the awesome folks at Pure Charity and their awesome giving circles.