The Circle FAQ's

1. What exactly does my Circle membership provide? 

If you say YES to the Circle:

  • Children will go to school and receive a quality education
  • Students will be fed and cared for in a healthy and safe environment
  • Teachers will be paid a fair salary
  • Parents will have time to work and build healthy families
  • Families and communities will be transformed, allowing the local church to flourish!


2. Where does The Circle empower students and teachers?

We currently support over 4,000 students and 170 teachers at 5 preschools, 8 primary schools, 4 secondary schools, and 1 vocational school in Uganda, Peru, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Zimbabwe.


3. Why is The Circle a recurring donation rather than a one-time gift? 

The predictability of the $25 gift each month enables Help One Now to have more of a broad impact around the world, creating a sustainable future for vulnerable children and keeping families together. 


4. Will I receive impact updates from a child or a family?

Yes! We send out monthly updates of stories from the students, families, and teachers you are directly impacting. This will not be an update on any specific child every month, but will rotate every month to share the incredible impact you are making all around the world!


5. What makes The Circle different from child sponsorships?

The main difference between The Circle and Child Sponsorships is that The Circle is laser-focused on empowering families through education. 

When families are empowered and vulnerable children have access to education, it addresses poverty at the root and prevents the likelihood of that child becoming an orphan and needing 24/7 care or sponsorship.


6. What is the best part about being a Circle member? 

There are so many great parts of being a Circle Member. To name a few…

  • Monthly updates of stories from the students, families, and teachers you are directly impacting!
  • Being a part of a community of like-minded people that desire to do good and grow the global church, just like you!
  • The simplicity of knowing that your $25 per month will make a significant impact around the world