A little over a month ago, I heard the news that our kids in Zimbabwe were only getting meat in their diet one time per month. At that time, we didn’t have any plans on doing a Christmas Fundraiser as an organization. However, I at least wanted to do something simple and tangible to help our kids in Zimbabwe.

I asked for help, and you responded. My first plea was $1000. Then, I asked for $1500. Then, I was told we could fund a Chicken Project and feed the kids meat on a long-term basis if we raised $5200.

I upped-the-ante and you stepped-up and made it happen. The Help End Local Poverty tribe raised close to $6000, yes we funded the project 100% plus.

In 2010 the kids in Zimbabwe will be blessed, loved and fed, because of your generosity! The H.E.L.P. team is so thankful.

Also, I (Chris) literally prayed over EVERY donation. Thank you deeply!