I’m currently flying over Ethiopia on my way to Harare, Zimbabwe after spending five days in Uganda. I’m trying to wrap my mind around so much of what I saw and experienced in Uganda.

The country is simply beautiful and amazing — green mountains everywhere, Lake Victoria and the Nile River. It’s stunning.

Yet, there is a total collision of light and darkness, hope and sadness, laughter and anger. It all seems to coexist and makes unraveling the reality of poverty daunting. The complexity is fierce and frustrating.

What I really want is to punch poverty in the face. I want a quick knockout, but I know that is not how this works. We’re running a marathon and those finish will be the ones who leave a legacy.

Over the last few days, we met …

  • A woman who was raped.
  • A child who was abused as she became a child servant.
  • HIV Positive men and women.
  • People living in homes that I would not allow my dog to live in.


Everywhere we went, these same people greeted us with smiles. When we would leave, they would always offer us a gift, which usually meant a jackfruit or avocados.

We spent time with local leaders who are striving to make a difference in Uganda. They refuse to allow their community to be a statistic and be swallowed up by extreme poverty.

This is when my heart beats fast and my mind races. What could we do? How can we help and not hurt? What if these leaders were given permission to lead, but they also knew that they are not alone– that they have a global tribe who are standing with them?

This is Help One Now. This is our passion. This is why we leave the comforts of home and family. We are on a mission to find leaders across the world who are high capacity and have the ability to be change agents.

And guess what? We found one in Uganda.


Meet Pastor Edward. We’ve been partnering with him for a few years now, but this is the first time we met, prayed together and broke bread with his family.

He is a change agent and he needs to know that he is not alone. Over the past few years, Pastor Edward has partnered with a local church and has done some amazing work to bring restoration in his community – a church plant, a new school, a clean water project and more — a lot more.

Over the course of the next few weeks, you will hear how you can help make a difference in Uganda. We cannot wait to see this story unfold.

The Help One Now tribe is on the move — making a difference, being generous, loving our neighbor, caring for the poor and pushing back darkness one day at a time.