I got an email from my friend Todd who pastors The Well, in suburban Philly. Todd, along with some other Philly churches, is hosting a one day seminar with Darrel Gruder and Andy Crouch called Scripture & Culture.

Lucky for us, they’ve decided to donate the proceeds of the conference to HELP and One Day’s Wages, which is a new organization led by Eugene Cho. Pretty cool eh?

Don’t get me wrong, we can always use extra cash, so many needs to be met and resources are hard to come-by at times.

But, here is what’s more important, the belief. I can’t tell you have encouraging it is when people “do something” to help us an organization, it means the world!

So, if you live in the Philly, make sure you go to Scripture & Culture, and let me say a big thanks to JR, Todd and all the others who decided to support HELP, it means so much.