I am a husband to Christie and a father to Caleb (7) and Hannah (4). I am also a church planter in Austin, TX, co-founder of the ReWork Project which serves the homeless locally, and until today I served on the Board of Directors for Help One Now.

Shortly after a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, Chris Marlow and I started discussing how we might partner there together. Within a few months we were driving through Port-au-Prince in the back of a pickup truck, close to the sites and sounds of Haiti. And I realized that even though I was wearing a shirt that said, ‘Love Haiti’, I didn’t even know Haiti. So I turned the t-shirt inside out and committed to learning about Haiti, her history & her people. And then I fell in love and committed to partnering with others for renewal in Haiti.

Immediately we committed our church to the partnership vision and have made many new friends on our travels. We’ve seen good development work and poor development work. We’ve seen the effects of misused political power, the effects of decades of poverty and how little 10,000 NGO’s seem to be accomplishing in Haiti.  At Help One Now we have fought hard to listen to our Haitian partners, and to learn from organizations doing great work. And I believe that Help One Now is one of the best partners someone could have.

That is why it is with great joy that I have recently accepted a new role at Help One Now as the Strategic Partnership Director. In this role I will be:

  • Helping churches and other organizations learn how they can partner with us in caring for orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Helping them implement the partnership into their churches or organizations.

As the pastor of a small, local church in Austin, our partnership with Help One Now has been an invaluable extension of our global renewal work. We have learned a great deal about how to make a partnership of this type work and how to include our entire congregation in the story. I am excited to help others do the same.

As part of this new role, I will also be heading up the Garage Sale for Orphans initiative, a great way to partner by raising funds, getting rid of excess stuff and meeting your neighbors at the same time!

I am super pumped for the future of Help One Now, and I hope you are too! If you or someone you know would like to know more about partnering or Garage Sale for Orphans, you can email me at jacob@helponenow.com. I would love to talk.