On November 25th, we launched our third annual Legacy Project. Called #StandWithFerrier, our goal was to raise $110,000 to benefit Ferrier Village, our anti-trafficking initiative in the community of Ferrier, a small town in the northeastern part of Haiti (near the Dominican border). We’ve finished counting all the pennies, nickels, dimes, and dollars, and Tribe — you did it! The final number is $115,000! This means that Ferrier Village will be able to buy a vehicle to pick up supplies and safely transport children. It means we can complete construction on the Ferrier Village preschool, providing jobs in the area. When it is finished, the school will provide a safe place for the youngest children both in Ferrier Village and the surrounding community to begin their education, and it will also allow parents to work and provide for their families. Perhaps the most exciting thing is that we will be able to construct two additional homes that will have room for five more children in each! Ten additional children will be rescued, be given a chance to live with a family under the supervision of a house mother and our amazing Community Director, Rosena Joseph, and will receive a lifetime of education, opportunity, and HOPE.

On behalf of every leader and child that you have helped during this Legacy Project: #StandWithFerrier, thank you. Thank you for joining the Help One Now story and caring for the orphan, the vulnerable child, and our community leaders in Haiti, as well as Peru, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.