We partner with Jean Alix Paul and Spirit of Truth Ministries to bring quality education, nutrition, spiritual development, and fair-wage jobs to vulnerable communities. Through our school programs, over 1,300 children get to attend school every day with a full belly and come home to families empowered through community development inititatives. Our partnership is about so much more than just education, it is about orphan prevention and family preservation.



Education saves children’s lives, promotes girl’s and women’s rights, and makes people healthier.


Boosts economic growth. Reduces poverty. Increases income.


  • Haiti: Public schools only cover 20% of basic education demand.
  • Haiti’s adult literacy rate is 48.7%. Youth literacy rates are at 72.5%
  • Roughly 30% of children attending primary school will not make it to third grade; 60% will quit school before the sixth grade (Haiti Partners, 2016).


The Circle is a growing network of people committed to ending extreme poverty through monthly giving that empowers families through education. 


We believe that nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are essential to education and development of children. Through receiving clean water, a snack, and a hot meal every day, children are able to focus while they learn and grow into healthy adults and one day become leaders and culture shapers who will enact change in their community.




Ferrier lies in the northeast of Haiti, near the border with The Dominican Republic. With the border region serving as a major route for trafficking, education plays a vital role in prevention. Not only are the students safe and healthy at school each day, but it also supports and empowers families and prevents the need to ever give up their children due to poverty – one of the largest factors to trafficking in Haiti.



Drouin was one of the hardest hit areas by the Cholera epidemic, and a victim of the rice market dropout. Farmers here barely make enough to feed their family, let alone be able to work to grow and thrive. Through relationship with Jean Alix Paul and the local leaders in Drouin, we hope that the investment in the daily basic needs of the children and families will create waves and provide opportunities for growth and development in the community.



Guibert is a small village in the mountains above Port-Au-Prince. Jean Alix and his family grew up in Guibert, and it is home to the beginnings of Spirit of Truth Ministries. The church, boy’s home, and school have been serving the community for years and creating impact across several generations. Because of the school, farmers in the area can focus on their work as their children spend each day in a safe learning environment and healthy food in their bellies.



Marothierre is a remote village in the mountains above Port-Au-Prince. Nearly cut off from the city, it is difficult for families to travel back and forth to meet basic daily needs. The Spirit of Truth school and church act as a comminity hub, working with families to ensure they can flourish and grow. Children have access to quality education and a hot meal every day, allowing their parents to focus on their work and creating new opportunities for their family. 


Jean-Alix Paul is the president of Esprit de Verite, an organization that has started 10 churches, 4 schools, and 3 children’s homes, including Ferrier Village. He is also a talented business man. Jean Alix passionately believes (as do all of our leaders) that there are two things that are needed to break the cycle of poverty in Haiti: 1) people must know Jesus; and 2) children – and adults – must have a good, solid education.

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Help One Now empowers families in developing countries through high-capacity local leaders with proven solutions to end extreme poverty.