This morning I spoke at one of my favorite churches, Austin New Church. It felt good to speak in Austin, as opposed to traveling. Here’s some thoughts:

  • I really enjoyed the people of ANC. Lot’s of great conversations, this church is prepared to serve, act and sacrifice.
  • The worship was great, props to Lamar Stockton and band.
  • It was also great to see Kyle Lent. Love that dude.
  • And, it was great to see author and speaker Jen Hatmaker.
  • I spoke on Gospel Justice. I cried. I hate that. I love that. Last two messages, I did not cry. It is what it is.
  • Lot’s of tears in the audience. Tears of pain, hurt and conviction.
  • Not sure the final count, but I think 7-10 kids were sponsored, which is exciting.

Here’s some pics of our booth:

CameraBag_Photo_1001 85478807-e89de1e1e6785be99e33037341515204.4bc28538-full

Here is a link to the speaking audio.

Thanks to ANC for inviting us to share. We had a great time.