Editor’s Note: Chris Fink, a freshman in college, visited Yahve Shamma Children’s Home on a Help One Now pilgrimage to Haiti last October.


My trip to Haiti with Help One Now completely changed my life.

When I arrived home after the long flight back, I realized how blessed I really am — and not just me, but so many of us who have the opportunity to live in the US.  I put my bags down on the stairs and walked over to the kitchen to see a sink.  A sink!  With clean, running water.  Immediately, I pictured the boys and girls in Haiti who I just met.  For them, clean water is not so easy to come by…not to mention the heat!  Then, I walked upstairs to unpack my bags.  I took note of how many shorts and pairs of pants I own, and once again, I pictured my new Haitian friends who may only have one or two outfits.



This happened for weeks, yet it took me about 3 months to finally realize that I wanted to do something for those kids.  I want to be a part of their story, and do my part to help.  I want them to have dreams…that they could be a doctor or an engineer…and a chance to achieve those dreams!  I want them to grow up to be leaders.  So, I went to the Help One Now child sponsorship website and saw all the Yahve Shamma kids I had visited on my trip.  I saw the children who I had the privilege to lead in a small group.  I saw all the kids who played soccer with no care for the heat.  Finally, I saw the one boy who went around hugging everyone with the biggest smile on his face.  He still needed a sponsor.  Through God’s will, I was able to save up some money and make a commitment to sponsor Rivalex Plaisimon every month.


It’s an amazing feeling to know that you are helping someone who needs it the most.  I have made a promise to myself to keep sponsoring him until he needs it no more, AND to come back to Haiti and give him the biggest hug in the world and tell him I love him!


Thanks Chris!  There you have it…doing good can be as simple as sponsoring a child.  Our local leaders are hard at work transforming communities, and every child sponsorship helps them do more.  From students to moms to teachers, doctors, waiters, or carpenters…we all have something to give.  We all have things that we can do without to make room for making an impact.  Sponsor a child today and make an impact on ONE child, ONE leader, and ONE community.