Humbled, it’s the best word I can describe when people get involved with HELP. In the past few weeks, look at all the folks that are doing something to change the lives of 100 kids in Zimbabwe:

  • Sherry Birk and the folks @ Soma raised over $300. They just did a C-Mas fundraiser in Austin, and one child has been already sponsored so far!
  • Jason Dukes donated a percentage of the proceeds of his book sales in the month of December.
  • Liz and Blanca are doing a Christmas Party in Austin next weekend. They also donated a percentage of the proceeds oftheir book sale.
  • A church in Delaware raised $1500 for our Christmas Fundraiser.
  • We’ve had NUMEROUS one-time personal donations for theChristmas Fundraiser.
  • We’ve had several friends who’ve asked people to NOT get them birthday gifts and instead donate to HELP via Facebook.
  • We have another stateside supporter who committed to giving monthly.
  • We’ve had multiple people sponsor kids through HELP One Now.
  • We’re doing a house show in VA, and a HELP One Now Sunday in Philly this January.
  • We’re talking with multiple people about taking a vision trip to S. Africa and Zimbabwe in 2010.
  • We’ve raised over $10,000 so far, for thebuilding of our first orphanage to rescue more kids at Musha Wevana.
  • I know there is more…I just can’t remember it all right now! 🙂

These are signs of a tribe: a compassionate group of people who are committed to rescuing orphans, restoring their hope and renewing their communities.

It’s only the beginning!