Here is a GS4O success story from Jonathan Blackmon of Salisbury, MD:

“Our story started after the earthquake in 2010.  Our church did a focused collection of supplies for missionaries in Haiti (Tom and Bev Brumbley of Evangelistic World Outreach in Port-au-Prince).  This led to my brother-in-law and best friend going on a construction trip in March, 2010.  My sister-in-law, best friend’s wife and my wife followed on a trip in Fall 2010.  Since that time, the five of them have completed at least two trips, capacities varied from reconstruction of damaged structures, orginization of sent relief supplies and going into the country to distribute supplies.  All of these trips have been in service to the Brumbleys, who have faithfully been serving God’s precious people in Haiti for 40 years.  During this journey, God put adoption before my best friends and my bother and sister-in-law.  We now eagerly await the arrival of my two nephews and my best friend’s daughter, we’re simply waiting for the adoption process to be completed.  I finally had the opportunity this past March to make my first trip to Haiti.  Honestly, I had already been changed before going, but that trip has solidified Haiti’s place in my heart!

God has not only been enlarging our hearts for the people of Haiti, but also bringing us to the realization of what consumers we have become, “we” being our American society but specifically our family.  During late fall or early winter 2011, our eyes were opened to the life we lead and the inconsistencies it has compared to the Gospel.  Faithfully seeking God, He has opened doors of service in our local community.  We have met people without homes and hungry children.  It didn’t take long to see so many needs and faithfully following God, we have seen Him move in mighty ways over and over!  He is so faithful!  Regardless of our plans or our thoughts of what might be best, I am so thankful for His sovereignty and patience when using us to serve His children!

Our GS4O was the result of seeking ways to serve.  I don’t really remember how we found it, but but my wife and I shared it with a friend who said she had been thinking about having her own yard sale to give money to something.  Some of my family and friends had read Jen Hatmakers’s and her husband’s books so when it all came together, it was a project we desired to join!  And human trafficking is an injustice we want to be a part of God’s plan to end!  We planned for a couple of months, collected for about a month, set up for one week at a local gym that was graciously donated by Delmarva Evangelistic Church here in Salisbury and had our sale on a Saturday.  So many people around this area donated items, helped set up the week before, helped sell the day of and helped us clean up afterward.  We donated two 16ft trailer loads to a local organization that will sell the items in a thrift store to support their ministry to homeless people, specifically homeless men and women.  The results were greater than I expected, but right what God desired!”

Thanks Jonathan!  Join the Mutiny.  SELL. GIVE. HELP.