Yesterday was really good.

  • We helped build a home for a family of seven yesterday.
  • We met with community leaders where our water project is located. So far they have dug close to 60 feet (by hand). We saw the men go down the hole. That was crazy. (see pic – taken by iPhone)
  • We talked to the community about the water project. It’s easy to forget how vital clean water is for a community to be healthy and whole. This community was so excited about the new well. Smiles everywhere!
  • It’s always great to see leaders like Ryan Weaver from Remedy Church actually see the fruit of their labor. Remedy funded this well and now they get to meet the people in this community that will be impacted by this water project.
  • We saw Jean Alix’s (Haitian leader) other school and church. Hundreds of kids being educated…
  • Pray they hit water soon. They’re close.

Seek Justice: I’m driven by this thought in Isaiah 1:17. As a church, we can become seekers of justice, we can help repair the breach and bring some shalom to the oppressed in this lifetime. Today, H.E.L.P. and Restore Communities will seek justice in Haiti as we learn more about trafficking and what our response will be as an organization.