Waking up on Saturday last week, we had no idea what to expect. We were filled with excitement, but had no idea who was coming, how many would show up etc. The stylists and salon were ready, they had done a great job promoting the event and as the clock struck 10am we had a bin and some flyers and were pumped!

From the very beginning people started coming in, some making appointments, some just hopping right in the chair. Before ya know it people started filing in the salon, appointment slots were being filled and there was hair everywhere!! It was amazing to see this community come together and do something for the people of Haiti. We had many conversations with people that were completely broken by what has happened and wanted more info on how to help. From 10am until 4pm we were completely booked! The stylists ended up seeing over 40 people in one day and raised over $3500 !!!!!!

Needless to say we were speechless. This event totally blew us away and we are sooo grateful for Salon San Severo and all the stylists who gave of themselves unselfishly to help people in great need.

check out some pics below!
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again many thanks to all the stylists and HUGE thanks to everyone who came out and showed your love!