Haiti Emergency Relief 2021

Join the Robertson family as we raise money for our brothers and sisters in Haiti

Given the current situation and instability in Haiti, we are working alongside the local leaders, partners, and Haitian churches we serve on the ground to support vulnerable families with food, shelter, and safety. With borders and ports closing and gang activity driving families from their homes, quick action to support vulnerable families is critical.



Anything you can give helps provide food, shelter, and safety for families being displaced in Haiti

Important Facts

  • Haiti’s President, Jovenel Moïse, was assassinated in the early morning of July 7th.
  • The assassination was an “acute on chronic” event, meaning it has taken an ongoing problem and made it exponentially worse.
  • Haiti is still under a state of siege. International news is focusing only on the ongoing investigation into the assassination, rather than the escalation of suffering and danger to vulnerable communities because of the instability and rise of gang violence. 
  • Haiti relies heavily on its imported goods to meet the daily needs of its people. There has already been a fuel and food shortage, and all indicators show that this will only continue to grow.
  • There are over 20,000 families who have been displaced and completely lost everything due to gang violence. The immediate priority for these families will be food, shelter, and safety to get through this time. 
  • The leaders we partner with, and their teams are utilizing connections through local pastors and partners in these communities to ensure they can reach families and deliver aid to them. They are working to create an intake system for families to quickly and accurately assess their specific needs.
  • The leaders we partner with on the ground are responding in a way that only they can. They are acting immediately to ensure the health and protection of vulnerable families in their communities.



1. Why was President Moïse assassinated? What was the motivation & what do the gangs want now? 

Answer: The investigation is ongoing, and it is currently unclear what the direct motives are behind the assassination. Haiti has a long history of political tension and corruption. The election of Moïse was highly contested, and much of the Haitian public has called for his resignation after his mishandling of funds, canceling of senate elections, and ruling by decree over the past year.


2. What is your strategy for providing relief, and where did it come from? 

Answer: The Haitian leaders we partner with on the ground have communicated the needs of their communities directly to us. Those needs boil down to 3 things: safety, shelter, and food. This will include moving families out of gang-run neighborhoods to a safe and secure location and providing them with the meals and resources they need.


3. I heard Haiti had one of its best crop/farming seasons, and they have plenty of food. Why do they need our help? 

Answer:  The reality is that trucks can’t get where they need to go. For one, farmers do not feel safe as they usually would driving around a large food truck. Secondly, many of the streets are blocked off or closed by gangs. So, many Haitians do not have access to food, regardless of the previous supply. 


4. If Haitian communities can’t safely get food, why are we donating to provide meals?

Answer: The places where families are displaced and unable to gain access to food are gang-controlled areas. This is why our first strategy is getting these families into a safe and secure environment and then providing meals in a safe setting. One of the local leaders we partner with is also a wholesale distributor, giving their teams direct access to food and resources. 


5. What will my donation be providing? 

Answer: Your donation will act as an emergency relief fund, helping provide safety, shelter, and food for internally displaced families. This will help keep displaced families together and give them the support they need to get through this difficult time. 


6. Who is my donation going to? ( HON communities, or Haitians in general? )

Answer: Your donation will go directly to the efforts of the Haitian leaders we partner with on the ground, providing critical relief to vulnerable families through food, shelter, and safety. 


7. Who is distributing the resources provided? 

Answer: The local Haitian leaders we partner with and their network of pastors and community leaders. *We are withholding the sharing of names due to security risks on the ground.