Beth and I will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary in just a few weeks.  We like to say that it has been 17 years of bliss and 4 years of learning.  In those 21 years, we have moved 14 times.  Some of the street names include Berrypatch, La Casa, Church, Dorm Circle, Hardwood, Woodhaven, and my personal favorite…Country Ostrich Drive.  We knew some would be temporary, and others we thought would be permanent.  Our shortest stay was three months and the longest was five years.

As a result, moving is something we know a lot about.  Each time, no matter how short the stay, we would say the same thing, “we will only move the things that are necessary and we’ll get rid of the rest.”  I promise, every time we did this we would have piles of stuff that didn’t make the cut.  We had yard sales or gave stuff to our friends (who didn’t really need it either, but just added to their stuff).

As I look at the opportunity Garage Sale for Orphans provides to convert our stuff into HOPE, I regret how we handled the purge in the past.  Even when a garage sale went well, it felt empty at the end of the day.  And most of the time we took our profits and went to buy more stuff.  There’s a way to do something good with all of that extra stuff – and it’s simple!

As you start your spring cleaning, consider doing something simple… as you clear out your gridlocked garage, consider doing something good.  Host a Garage Sale for Orphans.  Choose a project, sell your stuff, and give the proceeds to fund that project.  It’s that simple; your excess can mean life for another.

This month, on the blog you will see interviews of people who have hosted Garage Sale parties, updates on projects funded from previous Garage Sales, and also some new resources.  We’re giving the website a fresh new look and will be adding more resources over the next several months.

To learn more about how you can get involved and redeem your excess, visit Garage Sale for Orphans today.