Change the world with Pure Charity! from Pure Charity on Vimeo.

There’s a family in Haiti right now who is still living in a tent, over two years after the earthquake that put them there. Every morning they wake up, dust themselves off, and walk to the public restrooms to freshen up. Then they begin the daily struggle of meeting the family’s basic needs. If they’re fortunate, then they’ll make enough to feed themselves that day. But nothing is ever guaranteed when you’re living among a sea of tents that stretches as far as they eye can see.

They need change.

Better yet, they need a movement of change.

That’s what Pure Charity is all about. Their mission is to inspire and encourage a movement of generosity. And at Help One Now, we’re really excited to be partnering with them!

Their approach is innovative, effective, and social.

They’ve made it really easy for people to find and support the causes they care about, and to fund those causes. The cool thing is that you don’t even need to have a big “giving” budget. You can support causes by funding the account directly, or by shopping with Pure Charity rewards network partners who will give a portion of every sale (for things you would normally buy anyway) to you favorite causes.

It’s effective because giving to a cause and making an impact has never been easier. And the money you fund to help the causes you care about is making a real impact in people’s lives.

One of the best parts about it is that you can share the causes you care about with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter, extending your impact with making a difference!

So what does this mean for you? Well, you can use Pure Charity to fund Help One Now projects, and rally your friends together to support them along with you! Here’s how you can do it…

  1. Register yourself at Pure Charity (make sure you use this link so that we get ‘credit’ for you signing up)
  2. Check out the Rewards page to find local deals, shop online, and register your cards to begin earning funding for your causes
  3. Follow Help One Now on Pure Charity to stay connected to our projects
  4. Back the “One Home for Our 100 Homes Project” cause, and begin funding the project along with other backers
  5. Share these pages with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and encourage them to join you in changing the world!
  6. (Optional) Continue to pester said friends until they give in and join you!

During my last trip to Haiti, I had the pleasure of meeting a few families who have had homes built through our 100 Homes Project. One woman in particular was very proud of her home, and the new paint job she was recently able to give it. She showed me the¬†vegetable garden she’s planted, and the rabbits she’s raising out back. The gleam in her eyes told me that her life was different since moving into her house.

Change matters. Join the movement.