I know for many folks, it is hard to wrap your mind around extreme poverty.  It seems like a monster who is hiding in the closet and we simply want to keep the door shut and ignore it.

This is a tragedy. No matter how hard it is, we must open the door, stare the monster in the face and realize something that is very important.

We are winning. Extreme global poverty is being beaten. More and more people across the globe are willing to open the closet door and help.

They are praying.

They are going.

They are donating.

They are using their talents and passions to make a difference – a real difference.

Most importantly, they are not ignoring the issue. Light always destroys the darkness.

Don’t Stop Doing Good

Because of generous people and committed local leaders, this past week I saw a community drinking clean water, adults working jobs, children attending school and university students going to college.

Scripture reminds us not to “grow weary in doing good.” The enemy would like nothing more than to discourage you and see you ignore the plight of the poor.

He will tell you it is not worth it, the problem is too big, the issues are too complex, the needs are just overwhelming. The enemy is cunning, and he wants to trick us all to not care for injustice.

Choose The Hard Path

It is so much easier to focus on our own issues, needs, desires and hopes. This leads to the pathway of comfort and complacency.

God hates that pathway. He would not even allow his own Son, who begged him in the garden to not force him down that way, to walk the easy path.

But God was relentless. He knew the hard path meant freedom for all. And so did Jesus. So he bore the cross for the entire world.

He chose the hard path. And I’m more and more convinced that I also need to choose the hard paths in life, no matter how much my flesh sometimes wants to stop.

We Need You

Risk your life, be generous beyond what you ever thought possible, love your neighbor, share your life and talent and live different than the status quo.

Please do this; we need you! The status quo will never get in the ring and punch poverty in the face. The status quo will never do the necessary training to prepare for the fight. The status quo does not even care about the fight.

The status quo is tricky, because it can be beautiful–until you realize that the status quo is meant for people who will always keep the monster locked in the closet.

 They find excuses over and over as to why they are not engaged, why they don’t care and why they choose to live a life so different than Jesus, even though they claim to follow him.

 Following Jesus is not easy.  He will take you down the hard paths that require training and eventually, you have to get in the ring and fight.

 And thats when you get a chance to punch poverty in the face.

 Let’s fight.

How you can make a difference:

1) Sponsor a child.

2) Throw a Garage Sale for Orphans party.

3) Become a monthly partner.