This last week has been so tough. The world seems to be on fire. Gaza/Israel, Syria, and now Iraq. As one who tries to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, I know that I’m called to be a peacemaker.

In fact, all Christians are called to be peacemakers… and the world is desperate for us to step up and do that.

Why Iraq?

Last week, I had dinner in Atlanta with my friend Jeremy Courtney. We were both speaking at an event. Since that dinner, Jeremy has been on various news outlets such as Fox and Friends, CNN and Aljazeera sharing about the chaos and violence in Iraq.

Jeremy leads Preemptive Love Coalition. Jeremy and his family have been living in Iraq for the last seven years. His organization has other team members who live there as well.

Iraq is their home.

They know the culture. They are trusted friends and allies. They make peace by saving the lives of children who need heart surgery. They are respected by local Iraqi leaders.

And when you look into Jeremy’s eyes, you can see the devastation and heartbreak.

Preemptive Love Coalition is partnering with local Iraqi organizations to help provide relief and development to those who are suffering. When you’re dealing with this kind of tragedy, you don’t have time to create a thorough master plan.


Instead, you have to act quickly, be swift and rely on your expertise, networks and knowledge to lead the way in the short term.

I told Jeremy, that the Help One Now tribe understands this and we want to fill in the gaps that are needed and walk with them as they try to process how to serve the Iraqi people.


The Help One Now tribe will do a three day fundraiser for Preemptive Love Coalition and donate 100% of ALL proceeds from today until Friday at midnight PST.

The funds will be used to help provide relief for those who are suffering. This is a no-strings-attached giving opportunity. I trust Jeremy and I want him to be able to use the funds how his team sees fit. That said, Jeremy will inform us how the funds are used and we will, of course, inform each donor as well.

To clarify, 100% of your donation will go to Iraq and you will know exactly how your funds are used to take care of the people of Iraq. Moms, dads and kids who are living a nightmare right now!

So what do you say Help One Now tribe. Are you ready to jump in, make a difference and push back evil through your generosity?

Three Steps:

1) Pray: If you are willing to pray, leave a comment.

2) Give: A one time donation. Help One Now will literally cut a check to Preemptive Love this Monday, August 18th. Your donation will be making an impact quickly! You can make an online donation HERE.

3) Share: With your friends, family, churches and social networks. We’re relying on you to help us spread the word.


Thanks for making a difference, doing good and doing it well.

Chris and the Help One Now team!

Photography Credit: Matthew Addington