Friends, we need some prayer. One of our partner churches (Remedy Church) donated funds to build a well in Haiti with one of our strategic parterns, Jean Alix Paul. Jean Alix Paul’s community is high-up in the mountains.

It’s almost impossible to get major drilling equipment into the area…and if we did, the cost would be much higher. So we’re actually doing a hand-dug well. A person literally goes down the hole and digs using various tools. So far, they’ve dug 70 feet…and they need to go another 100 feet or so.

They’ve done this before, in this community and on this mountain, and they have wells that work. But, so far on this well they’ve hit massive rock around 60 feet. For months they could not break through the rock, but recently they’ve made some key progress. They’re tired, they need water for the community and they don’t want to stop until this well is done! Jean Alix asked us to pray. Therefore, I’m asking the H.E.L.P. tribe to pray that God will supernaturally help them find water.

Haiti-hole10-682x1024Here’s what I want to do: If you will pray, please leave a quick comment on this blog. I’m going to send this link to Jean Alix and his community so they will know that we are praying for them!

Here’s the GPS coordinates if you wanna go to Google Earth and see the terrain: N18 27.362, W072 16.570

Thanks for praying and investing in serving the global poor.