It’s been 9 months since my trip to S. Africa/Zimbabwe. I can guarantee you I’ve thought about that trip everyday. Cape Town captured my soul…The beauty, the people, the needs and of course the opportunities. Spending a few days in Zimbabwe with P. John & Orpha was amazing. I saw faith, hope and love lived out in a tangible way. And who could forget P. Willie and the hot-dogs at 5AM in his village?Necole and I have committed our lives to starting an organization that fights global extreme poverty. In the next 3-5 years we hope Necole can join the staff full-time. John, Kayla, Strobel, Mangum and Wade have also committed to making a global impact on poverty by helping launch this organization.Of course it’s been difficult to focus. Our church has doubled in growth these past 6 months and we had some struggles to adjust. Yet almost every conversation goes like this: “Don’t forget HELP .” How could we? A lot of people think The Vista is crazy for trying to help launch such an organization-we affirm that :)That being said it’s been quite hard to focus on HELP. But that is currently changing as we speak. But this is where I need a little bit of help. We need to raise $1000.00 ASAP to complete our non-profit paper-work. So I’m asking you to help us reach our goal in the next few days through individual giving or maybe through your mission budget from you’re church. You can email me (chris (@) helpendlocalpoverty (.) com) or leave a comment if you’d like to donate or have questions. For furthur instructions on donating please go to | Contribute. Of course you will get a tax write-off.We have a short-term strategy that includes building a church/community center, supporting 64 orphans on a monthly basis and if we (P. John in Zimbabwe) finds favor with the government we would like to help build an orphanage in Zimbabwe. Of course all this is in partnership with Steven & Amy via Servlife.BTW-If you have not joined our Facebook page click here.Thanks ahead of time. Please help us launch this organization.