When I first saw Help One Now’s Garage Sale for Orphans concept, my immediate reaction was, “WIN!”  When I see things like this, I always put my “pastor” hat on and ask the question, “how would a project like this engage the people of our church?”  Well, this is one of those rare programs that literally allows anyone and everyone to take part as they live out James 1:27.
Orphaned and vulnerable children receive the help they need.  For example, over the past few years, money raised from garage sales has provided shelter, classrooms, and bathrooms for children; dug clean water wells; constructed anti-trafficking homes for children rescued by border patrol; funded teacher salaries; and provided for many other necessities in the communities in which we partner.
The church community comes together to focus on caring for orphans.  5 year-olds can give toys to the sale and 85 year-olds can give some of their excess stuff to the sale.  Pastors are always looking for ways for small groups to do real ministry together and serve others – this is a fantastic way to do that.  And all the while, people are learning about issues of justice and how to practice doing good.
People in the community meet people from your church and are left with a positive impression.  We hear over and over again how shoppers are blown away at the generosity being shown through the garage sale. When people explain that they are from a specific church the response is usually, “Wow! This is just great!”  This is better advertising than any billboard or commercial your church could ever purchase.
Shoppers see the Gospel lived out.  They didn’t set out on a spiritual journey that morning, they just wanted to buy some cheap stuff.  But the experience makes them ask questions about why you are being so generous – not to mention the great conversations that can come from these encounters.

It just doesn’t get more simple than this.  Choose a project to fund from our website, sell your excess stuff at a garage sale, and give the proceeds to Help One Now.  Then, sit back and watch what God might do with your generous display.

We have many resources on our site, including videos, logos, and web banners. Take some time to look through the resources and ideas of what others have done to have successful sales.