Empowering Church Leaders

At Help One Now, we believe the church should lead the fight to end extreme poverty and care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Our desire is to serve alongside high-capacity, international leaders who are already engaged in the fight. By forming strategic partnerships with churches who are committed to do the hard, long-term work that is necessary, we will continue to see communities transformed and the Kingdom advanced.


 Inspired Stories

We will provide you and your church visual stories from the field that capture the impact of your support and collaboration with Help One Now.


Simple Tools

We will provide a continuous stream of simple, easy-to-use ideas and tools to create pathways for involvement for you and your church.

Lasting Impact

We believe that significant impact doesn’t happen overnight. We are mindful of this reality as we create tangible solutions for our friends in the field.

Two Lanes Of Church Partnership


Support Partner

As a Support Partner, your church will greatly impact our leaders by investing in Help One Now through monthly or one-time support.

We ask that your church participate in one or more of the following ways:

  • Host a Help One Sunday
  • Advocate for Child Sponsorship
  • Make a one-time or monthly contribution to a specific campaign or project
  • Invest operational support into The Foundation
  • Throw a Garage Sale for Orphans party
  • Join us on a Vision Trip


Linchpin Partner

As a Linchpin Partner, your church will become absolutely vital to one of our leaders and communities. We will commit together to execute a specific 3 year strategy that fits your church context.

Your Church Will:

  • Activate an agreed-upon number of Child Sponsorships every year
  • Make an annual donation to an impact project within your community
  • Join The Foundation

Help One Now Will:

  • Provide simple, effective tools to empower your members to do good
  • Equip you with educational materials to help lead your church
  • Send quarterly reports, with photos and stories from your supported community
  • Provide an annual, in-depth review of your church’s impact on your supported community
  • Lead members and leaders of your church community on an annual Pilgrimage Trip to experience the impact of our partnership

3 Steps to Becoming A Partner


Step 1: Connect And Learn

We simply want to meet you, form a relationship with you, and begin to learn from one another.  Please fill out the form below and we can set up a time to chat. During this initial connection, we will discuss your desires and expectations for partnering. We will also share various next step options and the details of the Help One Now partnership levels. Following this meeting, we encourage you to take intentional time to process and pray through the information given.


Step 2: Define Commitment

We believe that partnerships work best when both parties see clarity of purpose and mutually benefit from the relationship. As a partner of Help One Now, we will commit to you and we will ask for that commitment to be reciprocated.  Following our initial meeting, we will mutually agree upon the proper partnership level. This step of commitment is of deep value, as we both strive to be responsible stewards.


Step 3: Journey Together

At Help One Now, we have a motto that we mention often: “struggle for progress.” As a church partner, we look forward to walking alongside of you to impact the world. With your churches commitment, Help One Now will commit to provide you with inspired Kingdom stories that fuel the work of missions. As well as simple and effective tools that you will need to lead your church community towards creating lasting impact in our world. It may not always be easy, but together with our international leaders, we will make a difference.

Contact Us

For questions concerning becoming a Church Partner, or to set up a meeting please contact Payton Junkin at