2009 is almost in-the-books. Which is crazy! I wanted to take a few moments and look back at the progress that we’ve made as we try to rescue and restore orphans, and renew their communities!

I’ve identified 5 keys progress points that have helped us move forward and see our idea’s become tangible.

Progress Point Five: 501c3


Yes, paperwork! Lame right? However, this is so important. We became an official 501c3 organization at the end of May, 2009. Over six months of paperwork, phone calls, research and frustrations!

When I received our approval letter, it was such a relief. This letter gave us the ability to pursue our dream officially!

Quick thought: If you have a dream, and you want that dream to become real, you have to face the small things with passion and vitality. Doing paperwork stinks, but it did help me focus, process and learn.

Do the small things well, and the big things will follow!